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Bond Safari Kovalam is a team of adventurist and experienced Indian businessmen, partnered with Cool Divers SL from Spain to bring the state of art diving experience to India.Our vision is to Revolutionize adventure tourism industry in India and our mission is to Partner with companies who have been operating across the world with revolutionary adrenalin pumping yet absolutely safe adventure tourism products.

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Scuba diving – safe, scientific, serene..

Scuba stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. While scuba diving has been popular among a large number of people abroad, the idea is rather new for many Indian.

Scuba diving is safe..the gear, that weighs almost 14kgs ensures that no matter what happens, you will be safe. Once you are in water, the 14kgs is reduced to mere “Weightlessness” due to the law of physics.

As a beginner the most important rule is that you should listen to your instructor. you might be an expert swimmer but remember scuba diving is in open water and it is extermely different from what you do in swimming pool. Hence, it is always wise to follow the instructions. Anybody above 8yrs of age can consider Scuba diving. Enjoy Scuba, breathe in, breathe out and stay calm. The silence is priceless. The sight of aquatic life, often seen in television, can leave you dumbstruck.

Scuba gives you an insight of a world that very few have explored. The most important thing is that do not touch anything, respect the aquatic life, give its due space and experience the true sense of harmony. Be Cool Dive Cool!

If you love adventure and wish to explore the underwater world with its fascinating creatures, then make use of this chance. It is not as easy as it sounds to explore the beautiful underwater world. This is like a once in a lifetime opportunity for you because you can’t do this in your everyday life. With a Bond, you can carefully and easily dive underwater like never before. With this, your head and shoulders remain dry and there will be no difficulty in breathing.You can breathe normally while you are underwater, just enjoy the new world,new species and many more.

This is an unique experience for anyone who wishes to try something new each time. The fascinating underwater life is amazing and makes you feel relaxed. Anybody can take part in this underwater activity as there is no age limit. Come and enjoy the underwater life with Bond Safari Kovalam, We are here to make it adventureous and exciting…Sit Down, Submerge & Drive Off!