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Watch: India’s First Underwater Wedding Is Too Dreamy – News 18


The couple exchanged rings, garlands made of sea shells in a brief ceremony. Nikhil Pawar, a Maharashtrian met Eunika Pogran, when she came to Kovalam for a vacation last year and soon they fell in love.

In an underwater stage made of coconut shells, flowers, and palm leaves, the couple exchanged vows with the help of placards. The entire ceremony was performed in front of their friend, who happened to be a priest too. The entire set up was created by Bond Safai, who claim this wedding to be India’s first undersea wedding.

The bride was dressed in a white gown and the groom looked dapper in a formal suit and the two of them wore their Scuba equipment over the wedding dresses.

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Bond Safari Kovalam is a team of adventurist and experienced Indian businessmen, partnered with Cool Divers SL from Spain to bring the state of art diving experience to India.Our vision is to Revolutionize adventure tourism industry in India and our mission is to Partner with companies who have been operating across the world with revolutionary adrenalin pumping yet absolutely safe adventure tourism products.

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