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Underwater Wedding In India For The First Time – Insider Indian

What you dream about your wedding? A dreamy destination? Well, everyone has embellished their precious dreams when it comes to a wedding, each one of us has their own way of dreaming, thoughts, and the point of views. Some would like a big fat wedding, other would love simple wedding function and few opt for court marriage. However, a couple from Kerala wedded underwater and this happened for the first time in India, wow!! the out of the box wedding Idea, what a unique style !! really amazing!!

Nikhil Pawar and Eunika

Nikhil Pawar, a Maharashtrian and his 23 years old fiancee Eunika, a Slovakian, just got married under the waters of the Arabian sea, bride and the groom perfectly dressed in their wedding attire. The 90 minutes wedding ceremony which took place at the Grove beach in Kerala is the first time in Indian history, was only attended by couple’s family and close friends, the marriage function was organized by the Bond Ocean Safari. A special stage was organized in the blue sea which was made up of wood, coconut palms, and leaves. Interestingly, Eunika and Nikhil Pawar exchanged their rings and as a part of Christian wedding ceremony also wore garland which was made up of sea shells.

Friend holding cue cards

The bride Eunika, dressed in a superb white gown looking absolutely stunning, held a fresh bouquet of red roses. All verbal expression were performed by using placards. And now, if you are wondering how the couple held their breath for so long underwater so for your answer they have taken training in diving for two prolonged days and have taken the breath-control techniques for their special day. Although, it wasn’t difficult task for the Groom as Nikhil is a diving instructor at Bond Ocean Safari in Kovalam. On the top of all, after the wedding ceremony, the couple shared a kiss underwater.

Nikhil Pawar and Eunika wedding

According to Nikhil, as it is love marriage the couple always wanted to do something interesting for their wedding and Eunika happily accepted the idea of an underwater wedding. Eunika she learned everything ver fast as she is a regular traveler and a diving lover so she found no issues underwater. As per Eunika and Nikhil Parwar, they will have another formal ceremony in Slovakia. Now, all must be wondering for such a unique wedding, hopefully, you got to know something new and interesting in this particular post. Thanks for reading, Keep reading, keep motivating!! Kudos to the readers.


By Team Insiderindian




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