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Why Scuba Diving ?

-Jacques Cousteau.

About 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by ocean. Well, humanity has explored just 5% of it. It is tantalizing to think how much more is left to uncover. That’s where Scuba diving comes to rescue. So, what’s SCUBA? Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Yes, you can breathe under the sea. Do you know? According to research, scuba diving is safer than driving, skydiving and even marathon running. Especially with our trained and experienced divers, just about anyone can enjoy the surpassing beauty of the underwater wonderland. What are you waiting for?
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Once you slide off the craft, it’s a different world by itself. No traffic! No noise! No anxiety!! You just hear the rhythm of your own heart and feel every breath that you take in. It is certainly true that diving is the easiest way to attain ecstasy. Exciting, isn’t it? Come; join us for scuba diving to understand what it feels like to experience the rich marine life of Kovalam.

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This is my first scuba diving experience an unforgettable one. I just enjoyed thoroughly. Crew members made us feel so comfortable, felt super safe. I literally enjoyed. Thanks to Shubhani for introducing this to me and my colleague. We all enjoyed so much...

Shobha Kerala

It is a lifetime experience, felt like a Mermaid. Amazing personalized experience with very helpful, skilled staff. I will suggest it to all my friends

Chavi Kaul

Difficult to pen down the lovely and amazing experience. One can only feel it, felt like I am in heaven and in a different world. Unique feeling. Everyone should do this. Great staff quite experienced instructors and well-trained drive masters which you can trust blindly. Thanks a lot.

Kanwal Waliya Jaipur

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

No. Knowing how to swim is not necessary for this particular program. You will be assisted one on one by a PADI Instructor or PADI Dive Master at all times who will be with you underwater. Statistics show that recreational Scuba diving is about as safe as swimming. Certainly there are potential hazards, which is why you need training, but, like driving a car, as long as you follow the rules and use general common sense, it‘s very safe.

06 meters/20 feet for confined session 12 meters/40 feet for open water and the minimum age limit is 10 years old.

No. You can do scuba diving as long as you are medically fit.

The whole program can take up to two and half to three hours which includes briefing, a confined water training session and then the actual scuba dive in the open sea.

Yes. We do take underwater videos and images which can be purchased on an additional price of INR 1000 per person

No, but under the water sight is magnified by one third more and we are only interested in seeing objects close to us. Also we provide optical masks for those who use high power glasses normally. If you are using contact lens you can wear them for the dive. But there is a risk of losing them underwater.


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This includes Breifing, Confined Water Training, Scuba Diving in Arabian Sea, All the equipments & Costumes, Personalised Videos & Photography & All applicable taxes.

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